Product Designer Sênior

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Product Designer Sênior

Job description

This startup is bringing data tools with the elegance and simplicity of consumer products to the crufty world of enterprise business intelligence. Our Open Source analytics and business intelligence application let installs in minutes, and can connect to most commonly used databases. It lets anyone in your company quickly ask questions, and create dashboards or nightly emails without knowing SQL. We provide an opinionated open source starting point for how companies should measure, analyze and share their data as well as a suite of tools to deal with the complexity that arises as they grow.

Main responsibilities

· Deeply internalize the needs and mindset of new users of different roles via quant and qual insights provided by the broader team.

· Keep complexity from creeping into the product, while giving users ever more power.

· Take projects from rough scope (why/goals/non-goals/budget) to completion. This involves some aspects of PM work (separating projects into smaller parts, detailed scoping, speccing, sherpa-ing) but is centered on UX design.

· Own the interaction and visual design of projects end-to-end.

Requirements and skills

· Fluency english.

· Someone who thinks in terms of journeys, not screens.

· Thorough and attentive to detail.

· Biased towards prototypes and demos, not mocks and decks.

· Eager to provide/receive feedback, riff and iterate with a skilled team.

· Excited to work asynchronously in a global team (and having the written communication skills to do so).

· Strong intuitions developed over 5+ years of design experience. Their work will rely on research and analytics, but they'll shine through strong instincts and craftsmanship.

· Experience designing complex and/or technical software (not necessarily analytics)

· Technical enough to not shy away from understanding a bit of what's happening in the engineering black box

Nós somos

Nós somos uma consultoria de staffing, recrutamento e nearshoring que pensa no futuro, usando o meio digital, branding, mídias sociais, inovação, criatividade e tecnologia para nos reinventar e abrir novas possibilidades.

Um grupo de pessoas internacional, multicultural e diverso, apaixonado por construir a ponte entre talentos extraordinários e empresas globais de ponta.


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